Dan King Sr, Pastoral Counselor . Dublin, GA . 478 272 9355 - Marriage & Family, Divorce, Childhood Trauma, Stress, and Grief
Three of the most important skills in working with people and their needs are
(1) listening, (2) listening, and (3) listening.  Other skills are helpful, but none can replace these three. --Dan King Sr 
Dan King Sr, Pastoral Counselor . Dublin, GA . 478 279 2992
Caring, Competent, and Confidential Pastoral Counseling
Thanks for clicking onto this site.  I'm Dan King Sr.  You can get background information by clicking on "About Dan King Sr."
I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups in dealing with conflict.  If you are struggling with a crisis in your life, I can help you find hope and help for healing and growth.
I applaud you in looking for help.  It takes courage to admit you need help and to ask for it.  You do not have to be embarrassed or ashamed.  I know the territory.  I have been there. 
In addition to counseling, I do speaking engagements, seminars, and training.
My counseling is based upon instructions, principles, and examples found in the Bible. You do not have to claim a faith or be a member of a church to meet with me. It is my goal to offer caring insight and encouragement as we consider your concerns.
Speaking Engagements and Seminars  
If your church or community group needs a speaker for a one-time event, please call. I can address a variety of topics applicable to family, church, school, the workplace, and more.  I can also schedule a series of seminar sessions.
I offer training to equip individuals to support others in time of special need. People do not have to have years of formal training to be encouragers.  I can help members of your group to be better prepared to reach out to others.
Please call me at 478 279 2992.  If you prefer, email dan@counseling.vpweb.com.
Dan King Sr
Please visit my other sites:
Mediation/training in conflict resolution: www.solve.vpweb.com
Planning care for elderly persons: www.seniorplan.info
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